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 Continue the Rpg!

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PostSubject: Continue the Rpg!   January 27th 2009, 11:48 am

Alright, I guess I'm gonna do this shit...!!! Anyways, the point of this is to get people to continue the story! ^^ But.....If you say something shitty like...." You had to take a shit and the demon toilet killed you", then just keep it to yourself plz! I want this to be a cool story for everyone! Anyways, I'll start it off. Teehee~<333 Ahem, srry girls, but it's too hard for me to write this as like.... 2 genders. So I'm going to write it like this, Hero=guy, partner=girl. Srry! not being sexist or anything its just that its too hard to write it otherwise for me. ^_^;;

Shit this is a long post. But I had to set up the base of the story, so sorry if i have to double post! ^_^;;

It's a warm friday morning, and luckily, you have the day off from school. You sit on a bench by the fountain in town square as you wait for your friend to arrive. It's around 2:30, and you have both agreed to go to the new theme park together. You are shy, but somehow, you mustered enough courage to ask. You two are childhood friends, but lately, you have fallen for her. You've heard rumors around the school that the feeling is mutual, but you don't have enough courage to confirm it. Anyways, it is half an hour past the scheduled meeting time, and you begin to wonder if they are going to arrive. Just as you decide to leave, you see her running to the bench you are sitting at. You stare at your friend with wide eyes as she stops in front of you and begins to pant.
"Sorry I'm late! So so so so sorry!!! This happened and then that happened and-" you cut her off by shaking your head and saying that it's alright. She keeps talking, but you can't focus on what she's saying, seeing as how you are dazzled by her radiance.
"...? Something wrong? Don't space out on me now!" She tells you. You apologize and you suggest that you both should get going.
"Sure! Let's go to the theme park now! I'm expecting it to be fun!" she says, as she smiles with her beautiful mouth.
* * *
It's dark outside now, and you two have just finished watching the fireworks.
"Wahhh I'm so tired! But it was great fun!!!" You know that it's a cue to take her home now, and so you begin walking with her. She occasionaly skips ahead of you, and you stare at her from behind, admiring her beauty in the moonlight.On the way, your friend calls you, and you answer the call. As you are talking to your friend, she sees a stray dog, and decides to follow it because it's so cute. After a few minutes, you hang up your cell, and wonder where she went. Just as you are about to call her cell, the stray dog she was chasing suddenly comes out from behind a bush and walks to your feet. It looks as if the dog wants you to follow it, so you do, seeing as how your friend followed it too. It's still dark outside, so it's hard for you to see where the dog is going, but eventually, you reach a field. You wonder why you were brought here by the dog, but as you are about to turn back, you see a person lieing down in the distance. At first glance, you can't see who it is, but once you look closer, you see that it was the same dress your friend was wearing. You immediately panic and run to her to see what's wrong. You kneel down and hold her head up with your left arm as you clutch her hand tightly with your right hand. You yell her name over and over again, but she doesnt respond. After a moment of panic, you begin to think clearly again. You immdiately dial for an ambulence, and you wait anxiously as the ambulences come.
* * *
A few hours later, you are sitting in the lobby of a hospital, waiting to see if she's okay. You look through the small rectangular glass of the door and see the doctor talking to the girl's parents. A few seconds after the doctor is done talking, you see the mom drop to the floor. hands over her face. The girl's father slams the wall with his fist. You don't have to have the doctor tell you to figure out what the outcome was. After talking to the doctor, you find out that your friend has entered a coma, and it's not likely that she will come out of it soon. You feel tears coming out of your eyes, and you try to control them, but the harder you try, the more tears leak out. You feel your eyes reddening, and you run out of the room. The girl's parents are outside, holding what seems to be a letter.
"Our daughter....We found this on her desk... It's for you." As soon as the father says that, the mother explodes and begins to cry again. You slowly take the letter from his hands, and wipe the tears from your face. You slowly open the paper, and unfold it. It reads,

How are you? I hope you're doing fine. But um...That's not what I'm writing to you about. I know we've been friends for a long time, but you see, recently, I think I've began fall for you. I hope this doesn't complicate our relationship, But I didn't want to keep this bottled up! I'm really hoping you feel the same way, but if you don't, it's fine. It's enough just to have you as a friend!

You fold up the paper and clench your fists. You look down at the floor as the tears burst out again. Your legs begin to tremble and lose their strength. You crumble to the ground and begin to pound the floor of the hospital. The parents suggest you go home and forget about her, but you know that you will never forget. You begin to walk home in a daze. You see a bench, and you decide to take a rest. You slowly pull the letter out of your pocket and read it again. Tears come out again, but this time they drop onto the letter. You can see the wet marks on the paper as you continue to read it. You fold it once more and put it back into your pocket. You bury your face in your hands as you weep, regretting not having the courage to tell her that you liked her. You yell into the night air without caring if other people might hear you.
Do you want to change your destiny...?
You hear a voice, and after a while you begin to think that you're becoming delusional.
Do you wish to save your loved one....?
You look up, knowing that it wasn't your imagination.
"Who are you?!?! How do you know me?!?!" you yell.
If you wish to save her...Go through the door...And you shall be tested to see if you are worthy of having your destiny changed...
You begin to wonder what door this voice is talking about, and when you turn around, a giant door with engraved wings stands above you, glowing radiantly in the crisp night air. Your heart skips a beat at this shock, and you begin to run away. You run back home, expecting to see your mother and father waiting at home for you. Instead, you see a paper on the table and you go to read it. Upon investigating the paper, you discover that it is a divorce paper, and that both parents' signatures have already been signed. You run into your father's room, and find that all his belongings are already gone. You walk to the main entrance, but do not see your father's shoes. You run around the house looking for your mom. You find her fallen in the kitchen, vegetables half chopped. You scream as you run to the phone to dial for an ambulence.
* * *
Your mom has entered a coma similar to your friends, and you are devastated. You lose your passion for life, and you have no reason to live anymore. You begin the same walk back home that you took the day before, but this time, you begin to wonder if you have a home anymore. You stop in the middle of the sidewalk and begin to cry. It's a good 10 minutes before a spark appears in your head. You remember the voice that called out to you the night before.
...Go through the door...And you shall be tested to see if you are worthy of having your destiny changed...
You run to the same spot, desperate and frantic for the door.
"I want to change my destiny! I want to change it all!!!" you yell. Just as you yell this, the door appears once more behind you. You slowly walk towards it, and as you are about to come into contact with it, the doors automatically open. You feel a mix of emotions as you walk through the door. Sadness, Desperation, Regret, and even a bit of hope. You reach into the door, and you becom engulfed in a blinding light. You hear the voice speak again.
You have chosen to change your destiny.... This journey will not be an easy one. There will be those who help you, and those who will try to hinder your path... But endure these hardships and you will meet the Goddess of Fortune. She will grant any worthy traveller one wish. Take this, it will prove that you are on a mission to change your destiny.
You look down as you see a blinding necklace appear around your neck.
Now this is your story...Enter....To the world....of Vision...
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PostSubject: Re: Continue the Rpg!   March 2nd 2010, 6:09 pm

You Wrote Alot. Just Dont Kill You'r Self With All That, O_O xD. Just Take It easy And It's good you Write So Much, Nice Work. And I Wish I Could Do A Story. But i cant. ROfl!
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PostSubject: Re: Continue the Rpg!   April 13th 2010, 9:10 am

U Wrote Alot Of Words x3
Take It Easy And Write What U Needed To Write
Nice Work Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Continue the Rpg!   May 6th 2010, 12:05 am

wall of text...
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PostSubject: Re: Continue the Rpg!   

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Continue the Rpg!
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