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 Ceesaw's app

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PostSubject: Ceesaw's app   May 6th 2010, 9:18 am

In Game Name: Ceesaw

Real Name: Vasco Chan

Age: 16

TimeZone: UTC +8


How long have you played MapleStory?: 4 years since the start of mapleSEA, as im singaporean i play mapleSEA

Do you have any GM Experience? : No I haven't had any previous experience.

What do you consider Hacking? And how would you prevent it?: Hacks such as swimming,flying,fast attack,infinite text,spam text,
fast mp regeneration,miss god mode and vac hacks, hackers are actually incredibly easy to spot. Anyone with a suspicious IGN can easily be tracked, If anything looks out of place, I'd just follow them a little more in depth, and see what's going on, maybe just to say hi. I really enjoy upkeep when it comes to players.

How dedicated are you to this server? And how long are you able to play per week? I love this server although there are some selfish people but there are up's and down's in every server so i think its okay to stick around till it drops (which i doubt it) I'm online around 10 hours a day. Sometimes less, sometimes more.

How would you help the server and/or it's players? I believe that I can bring a sound mind to the community, as well a positive feeling with whomever I speak to! I'd like to hope so, at least.

Are you able to code C++ or Java? Unfortunately Im not that smart to do any of these im terribly sorry !

What is your biggest setback or flaw? Im flawless, I stay firm on my decision and my decision is final on every say.

Why should we pick you out of the other applicants? Im active and talkative,loves to communicate and i love the GM's around here (: ,I have a happy bubbly personality. Im nice and helpful, w/e the issue may be. As so many other people, i have my ups and downs in life, which might affect me online, but its gotten alot better. I like playing Maple which I do every single day, all day. I have no school/work so that's why. I love doing crazy stuff and being goofy most of the time.

Would you ban your friends or family if they were breaking the rules? You break the rules you leave the game that's that no mercy is given either to my closest friend or family Im not a saint
or buddha and i don't think there's any challenge in the game left if anyone was hacking.

Additional Info: I think that order is necessary, but not in an overused way. I believe that I can bring both order and enjoyment out of my position as GM

Comments: Whats this for?! this server is the bomb yea?!
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PostSubject: Re: Ceesaw's app   May 12th 2010, 8:35 pm

Short but good
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Ceesaw's app
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