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 suggestions =p

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PostSubject: suggestions =p   May 6th 2010, 2:18 am

Suggestion 1
Impose a damage cap of 199999


People are getting rebirth easily...I don't know how.If am not wrong they are doing bosses that provide loads of experience.With more rebirths=more damage and soon they would be able to dish out close to 1million damage thus causing bosses like anego or black crow to be down easily.Such bosses drop good items thus the prices of such drops to fall and at the same time,The server loses out on the fun of bossing with a group and people would just solo them alone.This would take away the fun of a 100x exp rate server.Wouldn't it be much more fun if you could gather a group of friends and down bosses like horntail,etc.I belive a much greater sense of sastifaction can be felt if you don't actually defeat the boss in mere minutes.

Suggestion 2
An IRC channel

Players would have a platform they could chat in and the replies could be instant and you don't have to wait for minutes just to exchange a few words on the forum but talk it out on a IRC channel.
And also in the case of server maintainence of certain problems the server might be facing,People could go to the IRC to get instant answers from a IRC mod instead of flooding the forums with the same question.
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PostSubject: Re: suggestions =p   May 7th 2010, 3:50 pm

Try getting 1st rebirth...
People only rebirth easily AFTER the 1st one.

Money is not really an issue on this server as well because there is really nothing to buy, most items that drop are already gold, there's no need to buy skill books and most other items can be quite easily obtained.

Maybe you should play this server for a bit longer before giving suggestions pertaining to how the future of the game might be. It'd make more sense to give suggestions on how to improve your first time impressions of this server and such.

Also, I believe and IRC channel would be beneficial as well.
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suggestions =p
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