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 Joycelyn's/Tears Forum Mod app

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PostSubject: Joycelyn's/Tears Forum Mod app   May 5th 2010, 5:16 am

Name : Joycelyn
Time Zone : GMT (8:00) PST
[b]In Game Name : Tears
Age : 15
Birth date : May 16

Hi,My name is Joycelyn Lim and i am from singapore.I have been playing this server for 4 days already and i find the community a little....Well...Quiet.

Why I Want to Apply

Over my days here,I find that the server is rather fun and original.I haven been to a low rate server which gives random drops with godly stats.I find that amazing and also kind of cool.WOW XD!!!but the forums need to be tidied and look after by some one for example you can see it is being posted in the Generals section and nothing had been done about it.This topi should be shifted to the technical questions section for easier reference by players.I would like to be that "tidier" to help look after the forums more-ever i am active and look mixing with people,The forums might be a good platform to help players and the likes for chats etc or just charing things they want and someone should promote the importance of the forums.I would like to be that someone

Why I think I'm Fit For Being a Forum Mod

I think I'm ready to become a because,i have the dedication and the drive to help build up a community for the server and where a better place to start but at the forums.I would also want to make the forum a nice and noob-friendly place for reference or for bored players to view after they are done with the game and want something to read at.

[b]How Are Your Communicating Skills?

I can communicate with people.I realised that a majority of players i come across in REMNANTMS are singaporeans,Malaysians and they speak in "singlish".I can communicate with them in the slang "singlish" and i can speak other languages like chinese,english,malay,a little japanese and some dialects

Why should we pick you to be a Mod?
Well i belive that i am expirienced and have a certain sense of profession as a forum Moderator and would not abuse my power For example.Editting somebody elses post that defames or hurts someone else.

How would you handle Flamers/Spammers?
As i said i have a sense of profession in my job and i would take into account flaming or spamming fairly and not involve my personal feelings in whatever i do.
I feel that flaming is positive for example it points out the mistakes of others so taht others could learn about thier mistakes thus flaming becomes constructive however over-Flaming could result in hurt and damage to the community on the forums.I would do my best to punish such Extreme "Flamers".
And for spamming.....Its basically a dumb thing to do.Theres a spam section in the forum,They could spam there.Spamming in the other sections will result in punishment i suppose.

If I'm Not Picked?

If I'm not picked to be a Forum Mod..I
won't hold a anything against the server, I'll just try again next time. No harm
trying right? Haha, anyway. That concludes my Application I hope I get

What's Your Dedication In Our Server?

I spend at least 4-8 hours of my day everyday playing REMNANTMS, I am very dedicated to this server. I do in fact have school
work, and a life, but I can balance it ;]

Thank you for taking the time for reading my application.

Do you have any Mod Experience?

I have only been a forum Mod once on a fashion website and never on one for a maplestory private server.I have been active in many maple story forums from other private servers and i am familiar whats appropriate and what isn't in whatever section they post in.I am familiar with the forum Mod/Admin controls.

How would you keep the forums active?

Promoting the forums would be a good way.If i am to answer this i think i should post it in the suggestions section.
Well...It would be great if every single update and every eency beetsy bit of detail to the server any new updates to it will be added to the server.I am sure players would visit the forums to check out on the updates.
Secondly,Promoting the forums in-game is good.For example events details will be posted on forums and people wanting to take part would have to register on the forums.This would expose them to visit the forums and hopefully some might become active on the forums too.

Basically i love Forums as its a platform for people to get info or share their feelings or things they want to see similar to blogging but only that its a forum.(Post them in the right section though)

How long have you been on forums?

As in a forum on RemnantMS or others?I am a active go-er on forums and i love voicing out my feelings in forums and listening to the comments of others.
I know the dos and don'ts on a forum.


This application format might seem a little different from the one you requested.*sorry*=P
I didn't see that a Format was required and decided to go all out on being creative and doing my own format and on further browsing the forum i discovered there was a format section and realised i didn't format it correctly therefore explaining the reason for my editting my post


Last edited by Tears on May 6th 2010, 2:58 am; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : Didn't see that there was a format)
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PostSubject: Re: Joycelyn's/Tears Forum Mod app   May 6th 2010, 7:06 am

Hi there Lyn!Remember me?i was the one that asked you to help me out.You even gave me a godly stat warrior hat.Thanks alot hehe.Good luck with your application you really are great!
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Joycelyn's/Tears Forum Mod app
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