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 hola muh friends from the future,past, and present.

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PostSubject: hola muh friends from the future,past, and present.   April 28th 2010, 6:42 pm

guter tag(if not germen) good day, my name is aaronum, as u can tell my name is in my name , i joined a couple days ago, and i notice i didn't have a intro, so i will make up the past and go for the present.

i am air-on, i live at ze california, i'm still in school, high school sophomores.

i liek ze mudkips, and pancakes, and being random.

i don't liek cannibals, and also flying fuzzy things, pea-dough-buh-air, and the faices of evil

since im "new". i hope u guys wont mind if i post a topic. if not shorry D:

last question.

do u liek mudkips?

if u give me a answer, i give u a cookie!, ITS CHOCOLATE!!

nice too meet everyone, and for all those admins, KEEP ON DANCING! (u also deserve a THANK YOU , for all the hard work) ^__^ thx and gooooood bye!!!11111one!!11one!!1one again111!
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hola muh friends from the future,past, and present.
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