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 BoneZ GM Application!

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PostSubject: BoneZ GM Application!   April 27th 2010, 2:42 pm

In Game Name: BoneZ/DeMoN


Age: 12

- (GMT - 5:00) Eastern Time U.S & Canada

I would love to keep this private but here's my

How long have you played MapleStory?

I began to play GMS ever since v40,May 11th, 2005.I was invited to the beta I started to play I reported bugs anything was wrong with maple i would tell other GM'S in GMS and private servers.

you have any GM Experience?

I was a game master for DeathMS,Tranquility for over 1 year.. If you want Death's email PM me

What do you consider Hacking? And how would you
prevent it?

Hacking is just a cheap way to level ip/Get items or mesos.If you have you do not prove any skill.If I see someone hack I will first give them a infraction.I will be following them to see if they don't hack.If they hack the 2nd time it is a auto ban.

How dedicated are you to this server? And
how long are you able to play per week?

Eversince I found remnant on GTOP and Ragezone and Gamekiller I decided to come here.My friend Brian told me about this.The reason I joined is because I never played MSEA only GMS.I see there the same thing and the good thing this server has aran and awsome ratings.Everyday i have school untill 8:00 AM-1:00 Or 2:00 PM.So I play about 14 Hours A Day;Those 14 hours I spend on maplestory.?Why do you spend so much time on Maplestory?I have school and this is my way to relax.

would you help the server and/or it's players?

If any normal player/GM asked me for something besides items/mesos/etc I will do it for them like warping if stuck and map bug.

you able to code C++ or Java?

The bad thing is I cannot code.In VB 08/06 I can.

is your biggest setback or flaw?

I believe that most Gm's only wish for there job to be over and they just push it away.I am prob the most server dedicated person you will ever meet.

should we pick you out of the other applicants?

I’m the
type of person that has to give everything 100% I handle serious situations maturely,but if i get this job i can show it and prove it.

Would you ban your friends or
family if they were breaking the rules?

Yes;I don't believe just because there your friend they can get certain privlages.

Additional Info:

I am Puerto Rican.

I have been recomending/spreading this server to people world wide.On forums/ETC

main characters in GMS (Scania/BROA) are :

WashablePens (132 Night
Tritons Prick (120 Dawn Warrior)
ICANHSYOU (149 Bishop)


I hope I wrote this fine and I hope to be apart of the Remnant MS staff!See you guys ingame. =)IGN-BoneZ/DeMoN
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BoneZ GM Application!
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