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 My GM Application Form

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PostSubject: My GM Application Form   April 27th 2010, 8:31 am

Well, to start off, I'm David. My in game name would be always have the words Winds in it.

A little about me

I've played on the global server of maple story. I believe that was the one with Scania and Bera worlds.

I like playing online games and maple story has been one of my favourites, although I've played other games like Ragnarok and stuff

The first private server that I managed to play on with Maple was something called AinaMS.

I've actually become a GM on Ragnarok. Quite a big difference from Maple Story.

I've been a CO-GM and an Event GM. No experience with scripting and such.

Usually, my role when I was GM was basically to help other players out by guiding them in the right path. I suppose that would mean quests and such

For my traits, well, let's just say I'm almost always available. I like keeping things in order.

It's vacation time for me, before I start school on June.

It doesn't take long for me to make friends Very Happy. What's life without friends to chat with and to have fun with Very Happy

Hope this application is good enough. If not, then oh well Very Happy

Hope to see you in game Very Happy

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My GM Application Form
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