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 GM/Mod App Layout.

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PostSubject: GM/Mod App Layout.   January 21st 2009, 10:52 pm

Requirements before you apply;
- Must have a character on the server.
- Must have played RemnantMS.
- Must be familiar with the staff.
- Must bring people to the server.
- Must vote daily. And advertise.
- Must be active on the forums.

You MUST have at least one character that you have played with on our server to apply. We are tired of reading application when those people are not even on the server.

In Game GM Application

In Game Name:

Real Name:




How long have you played MapleStory?

Do you have any GM Experience?

What do you consider Hacking? And how would you prevent it?

How dedicated are you to this server? And how long are you able to play per week?

How would you help the server and/or it's players?

Are you able to code C++ or Java?

What is your biggest setback or flaw?

Why should we pick you out of the other applicants?

Would you ban your friends or family if they were breaking the rules?

Additional Info:


Forum Mod Application:

Real Name:



Do you have any Mod Experience?

How long have you been on forums?

How would you handle Flamers/Spammers?

Are you familiar with he Moderator Controls?

How would you keep the forums active?

Why should we pick you to be a Mod?

Additional Info:

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GM/Mod App Layout.
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