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 McSnazz Gm app

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PostSubject: McSnazz Gm app   April 5th 2010, 4:55 pm

In Game Name:
McSnazz (Once i can find game client lol)
GMT +1
long have you played MapleStory?

i have played scence maplestory was in beta, my bro let me play on his account in beta
Do you have
any GM Experience?

Yes, i was a GM in ferrari Story, the only reason i am not now was Nexon shut us down
What do you consider Hacking?
And how would you prevent it?

i consider hacking. when you get a program like cheat engine and put on God mode. ext. al glitches that benifit you or your char
How dedicated are
you to this server? And how long are you able to play per week?

I cannot find the game download but when i do i will be very deicated, and play like 10-15hrs a week
would you help the server and/or it's players?

i have good people skills and i know how to help and i can bring people into the server
you able to code C++ or Java?

No i can not but i have other skills
What is your
biggest setback or flaw?

How much i can play a week
Why should Loki and
Niko pick you out of the other applicants?

i have exprience and i can bring people into this server

Would you ban your friends or family if they were breaking the rules?

Yes the rules are the rules you break them you pay the consicences(P.S. my friends and family dont play this game lol)
The one major skill i offer is Video making i can make profecenal quality videos to put on youtube and other palces, and also i can make a basic starting websute for you guys so you dont have to use a forum all of the time

i hope you pick me i have lots to bring to this server and i can hel pyou out only if you need it
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PostSubject: Re: McSnazz Gm app   April 5th 2010, 5:02 pm

we have a site other wise short but good app =D
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McSnazz Gm app
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