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 Urgent Fixes

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PostSubject: Urgent Fixes   April 3rd 2010, 10:43 am

Some things need to be fixed with the Bandit class soon as;

Meso Explosion disconnects everyone in the same map as the user, so if I used it in a party at a boss, all my mates would D/C.

Pickpocket disconnects the user after about 5 seconds or so after attacking an enemy with the skill in use.

Venom disconnects the user in pretty much the same way, the moment the effect of the skill is transferred to the monster, you disconnect.

Only ones I could find at the moment, but seeing as SP resets are unbuyable, then I can't train anymore until these are fixed, because unlike pickpocket, Venom is a passive skill therefore I can't turn it off. And since there are no GM's online at any given moment then maybe a forum response would get me a quicker response.
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Urgent Fixes
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