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 Perfection's Gm App

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PostSubject: Perfection's Gm App   April 3rd 2010, 1:45 am

Hi I'm Nicholas / Perfection .

I'm 17 years of age.(soon) .

I am from Singapore

My Timezone is GMT +8 .

You can ask me for my MSN or you can ask Sam for it.

I am Applying for the post of GameMaster on the MapleStory Private Server , RemnantMS.
I have a lot of experiences as a GameMaster / Admin / Player / Hacker on Maplestory.

As a Hacker - I've learned what the hacks can do , i also learned how the hacks can be detected . I also know various hacking spots for players . Since i used to do that.

As a Player - I've got to know some people on the server and i know what the players are complaining about. I also know what the server is missing .

As a GameMaster - I know that i will not give free item's and even though you are my friend , i will not give in to you.

I've been a Gm in a ton of servers , But never in a MapleSEA Private server .
But the first few i've been in a gm are

DragonMs (Sam's Server)(First Server i Became a gm on)
EmoStory (Hamachi Server)(Second Sever)

And a few more that i can't remember.

I recently just started playing MapleStory Private Servers again. I had quit because of my exams.(But i still failed in the end )

Why should i be a gm? Well. Because i can help the players , and i believe RemnantMS needs a Gm in a different Timezone in order to make things fair for other players. And i believe i can do it. Though i can't do coding or scripting , i will do my best to help my fellow players because i'm a fair person. i don't abuse my GM powers. And i treat everyone with the same respect , even if they don't treat me the same way.


Let me take Sam as an Example.

When it is 1.30am Where sam lives , it is 1.30am here. And Since the timeones are different , in another hour or two , the gm's will all be sleeping , and the singaporean players or malaysian players will be playing. We don't get the Events that the players from USA or Netherlands get. We can't get help when we need it.
AND since there aren't GM's online , that means the players can go on a hacking frenzy.

So i believe that RemnantMS is in need of a Gm to do all these things .

And frankly , it isn't fair to SEA players that we don't get events just because we live in a different place.

I would like to THANK YOU for reading this App. You may not choose me as a GM , but i'll still continue to play RemnantMS with my friends .
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PostSubject: Re: Perfection's Gm App   April 3rd 2010, 4:44 am

Razz Well good luck!
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PostSubject: Re: Perfection's Gm App   April 3rd 2010, 9:50 am

Good luck ah!
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PostSubject: Re: Perfection's Gm App   

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Perfection's Gm App
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